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I got a phone call the other night from a young foodie.  My friend’s son, Elijah called to borrow “the green olives that you have in your refigerator.”  He needed them for his sandwich recipe.

Of course, I told him that he could borrow them.  Upon further prodding, I found out that he wanted to make sandwiches for me and my family.  I am not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, and since I had spent the afternoon making pastries instead of thinking about dinner, I was ready for a seven year old to descend upon my kitchen to prepare dinner.

So, he got to work.  He made sammies with sweet peppers, hot peppers, pickles, mayo (only Helmann’s would do according to Master E), black forest ham, mozzarella, and colby jack cheeses.

We made a little tomato soup to accompany the sammies and enjoyed some yummy eats!

They were delicious, and E was very proud of himself.

Amythecook, Elijah’s mom made some serious caramel sauce to go on top of the apple pastires I had made earlier.

Thank you Elijah and Amythecook!  You can cook in my kitchen anytime you like.

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You might be a foodie if…

…you think about what you will eat for lunch while you are eating breakfast.

…you plan your vacation schedule around where you will eat.

…or better yet, you choose your vacation destination based on a restaurant that you would like to visit.

…you take pictures of your food to post to social networking sites.

…you have trained your friends and family members to take pics of food to post to social networking sites, and they tag you in them without being asked.

…the first thing you ask your friends when you talk to them on the phone is “what did you make/eat for dinner?”

…you make dinner plans during lunch.

…when you are eating at a restaurant, other customers ask what you are having because you are enjoying it so much.

…you go to dinner with friends, and the server notes that you sat down and immediately began talking about food, and continued to do so throughout the entire meal- including dessert.

…you walk into a particular restaurant, and the staff knows your name.

…you have more recipes printed from the internet than you will be able to eat in a lifetime.

…you treat going to the supermarket as a field trip.

…people ask to go to the supermarket with you.

…you shop at 6 different supermarkets on a regular basis to find what you need.

…your Christmas list can be completely purchased at Williams-Sonoma.

…your pastor asks if anyone knows about how wheat is grown, and you raise your hand.

…you’ve ever called someone while you were eating something to describe it to them in detail.

…you’ve spent any time on the internet looking at food porn.

…your stress relief involves hours in the kitchen.

…you read cookbooks like a novel- from cover to cover.

…when someone asks you what your favorite food is, and you can’t answer.

…your spouse yells at you because he or she can’t take a picture of the kids because the camera is full of photos of food.

…you’re more excited to receive a kitchen gadget as a gift than a piece of jewelry.

…you’re upset that your family is too busy in the evenings, and you haven’t been able to cook dinner all week- and it’s only Wednesday.

…your child missed the following question on his IQ test:  “Point to the picture of food, and the choices were a chair, a glass jar, a rainbow, and a box of jello”… and, his teachers knew not to count it against him.

…you’re eating at a restaurant, and your six year old says, “Mom, this is so good. You have got to try this.”

…you throw up in your mouth every time someone even says the word “Velveeta” in front of you.

…you had to pause the movie “Julie & Julia” to make eggs with sautéed spinach- at 11 o’clock at night.

…your friends name a sandwich after you.

And, to think, five years ago, I didn’t even know what a foodie was.

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